Saturday, June 2, 2012

Newport Marathon Pre-Review

Imagine a race where absolutely every little thing that could go wrong, did. A race where setback after calamity after disappointment stacked up and up until it toppled over on your head. A race where you would immediately erase the entire thing from your memory for all time if you had the power to do so.

Imagine that race.

Yeah, my run at the Newport was worse than that race.

Race report coming tomorrow.

(Yes, the Honey Bucket is foreshadowing...)


  1. I ran Newport yesterday too (googled for other race recaps). So sorry your race didn't go as planned! It's a hard feeling when four months of training seem to blow up, but I'm sure in awhile you'll realize how hilarious some aspects were, and have awesome war stories to tell about other portions!

  2. Thanks Amy. Even though misery loves company, I hope your race went well.

    And I do have some stories...