Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 2012 Race Schedule - PR's or Bust!

Well, after the pain and misery that was the Newport Marathon, I had to take a couple weeks to get my head straight, but I think I'm back in the right frame of mind. I'm ready to race again. I'm actually feeling sort of fast and frisky.

So let's set the remaining 2012 race sched!

Strangely enough, and I didn't plan it this way, I'm looking at five races for the rest of 2012...and they just line up in perfect order from short to long: 5k, 8k, 10k, Half Marathon, and finally, Full Marathon.

And don't forget the PR portion of this plan. It's all about the PR! About the only advantage of being an old man like me is being able to shoot for all-time PR's...but if you miss those, being able to shoot for your Master's PR's! Unfortunately for me, a LOT of my Master's PR's are my all-time PR's. Ack!

Let's run it down!

5k - July 4, 2012
All-Time PR: 19:59
Master's PR: 23:11

This one is coming up fast. Next Wednesday, on Independence Day, Corvallis has one of the most low-key 5k races you'll ever find. Four bucks and you're in! I don't have a chance in hell of setting my all-time PR here. I haven't completely given up on that yet, but I'm not in that kind of shape right now. I do think I can lower my Master's PR however. One concern: I ran this race last year and had a HORRIBLE race. Considering I run this route about once a week, I really should have no excuses here.

8k - July 28, 2012
All-Time PR: 37:40
Master's PR: 47:02

Ten minutes difference between the two PR's! Crazy, right? Well, there is a reason behind that. The only 8k I've run since I been back in decent shape these last couple years was the Run for the Hills 8k...trail run. And yes, it had some serious hills! But this year, we're going back in time and revisiting a race that me and my brother used to run every year, back in the day! The Seafair Torchlight 8k! Back in Seattle, baby. And yes, I see a Master's PR. All-time? Maybe.

10k - September 23, 2012
All-Time PR: 48:57
Master's PR: 48:57

Both PR's were set last year at the Fall Festival 10k in Corvallis and that's where I'll be running this year as well. Hey, it's flat, it's fast, and it's on trails and roads that I run every single week in Corvallis. PR? Yes, I think so.

Half Marathon - October 27, 2012
All-time PR: 1:42:24
Master's PR: 1:42:24

Well, both PR's were just set a few months back at the Corvallis Half. That course is fairly flat and pretty fast. And familiar. The Runaway Pumpkin Half in Lebanon? Don't know. It's in it's second year, and I didn't run it last year. PR? Well, I ain't gonna run it and not try to PR, right?

Marathon - December 2, 2012
All-time PR: 4:12:55
Master's PR: 4:12:55

We're not even going to talk about Boston before this one. I've learned my lesson there. But PR. Oh yeah, me and the CIM are going to PR. You heard it here first.

So that's the rest of the year. Looks good.

Let's do it.

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