Sunday, August 7, 2011

Habitat Half Marathon Coming Fast!

Yeah, we've got quite a gap here between races in the EPIC 2011 series: almost six weeks between the Out to the Ballgame 5k and the Habit for Humanity Health Heart Home Half Marathon Trail Run (yeah...let's just call that one the 6H Half). But this is no time to slack off on the training! The 6H Half (or 10k or 5k if you wish), is a beast of a trail run. It's basically just about half of the Mac 50 course, so yeah, it's tough!

With that in mind, the R's hit the Bald Hill trails today for a little hill work. It was a good hard 11 miler, two trips up Bald Hill, with about 1000 feet of climbing. Good for what ails ya!

You've got about four weeks of training left before the 6H Half - get on those hills!

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