Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woodstock on Wheels!

Yeah, I wish I had come up with that line, but no, it was a Hood to Coast Relay spokesperson, Jude Hubber. Which leads me to...

A new article is out! That's right - new ink, hot off the presses!

So the August/September issue of RaceCenter is now on the newsstands. Grab one before they're gone. As I've mentioned, I've got a little article in there about the Hood to Coast Relay: 30 years old this year! Wow. And I still have not done it. I need to get on that.

Check out the article in digital format here.

This is also the 2011 Women's Issue with all sorts of women-like stuff to read...and inspire...if you're a woman...I guess. What do I know? Just read it.

And it's got Kara on the cover, so that's all good.

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