Monday, May 28, 2012

New RaceCenter, New Article

Yeppers, the new issue of RaceCenter Northwest Magazine is out! And if you can't make it to a Jamba Juice or a running store, like, immediately, then just check out the totally awesome online version.

And as usual, let's take a look at this month's goodies, because, again as usual, this issue is chock-a-block full of great stuff!

First, we've got my main man, Brook Gardner, the RaceCenter editor, writing the editorial titled "The Tools for Success." Mainly about running on trails...and Brook is 6'2" and 185, in case you were wondering.

Then, we've got some short tid-bits: Cover Girl Meghan Arbogast, from Corvallis, breaks women's 50+ world record for 100k, new all women Cosmo 7k in Vancouver (Seven K?????), Thursday runs in Portland, Warrior Dash comes to North Bend, Lake Chelan Marathon, Disneyland's Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Fit Right opens new store in Hillsboro, Summer Sprint Series is back in Portland, Wahine All-Women's Tri, Alpenrose Velodrome gets a remodel, and the Yellowstone Alpine Klimb ride. Whew...

The man's man, Max King, writes an article on how to balance trail and road training. Dude, when Max talks, you take notes. Lots and lots of notes.

Then someone named Donna, with way more degrees after her name than she really needs, talks about nutrition during 24-hour relay events. My plan during my only 24-hour relay was 7-Eleven corn dogs. I'm guessing that's not Donna's plan.

After that, we've got some USATF Northwest notes.

Jeff Browning, trail superduperstar, talks about getting on the trail and "Going Long." Not my thing, but maybe someday. I think 26.2 will be my limit for a few more years still.

Tri Pro Chris Bagg talks about racing in the heat. Most of the country has had a really tough, HOT, spring already. Those of us in the Northwest are like, "What?" It's hardly been overly hot here, but maybe soon.

Then we've got "Enjoy the Run." Interviews with some top Northwest runners and triathletes talking about their long and winding roads.

A Trail Shoe Review. Way too much minimalist crap.

Finally! The new article from the R's workshop: "A Rising Tide: Handbuilt bicycles in the Northwest." Brook grabbed some nice photos for this one - they show off the nice work that these guys, and gals, are producing by hand. A bit out of my price range, but some of these handbuilt bikes are just beautiful.

Then the Event Calendar.

And the last photo is of the Boston Marathon. Hmmm...

Five days until the Newport Marathon.

Go team.

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