Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Komen Race for the Cure Takes a Hit

The saying "any press is good press" definitely isn't true in all cases. Komen and Race for the Cure have received loads of press over the past year, not much of it good, and apparently it's having an effect. Not a good effect.

The New York Times is reporting that registered attendance and donations at early 2012 Komen races is down by more than 25 percent.

And judging by the comments I've seen here and there on the web, somehow Komen has managed to offend both sides with their Planned Parenthood decision and backtracking. PP supporters are angry that Komen tried to take away funding from PP while PP opponents are upset with Komen for reversing course and reinstating the funding.

There's no one to blame for this but the Komen organization themselves, but they're really in a no-win situation now.

Personally, I say run the races you want to run. If the race happens to be tied to a cause you support, that's great. But even better would be to get out your checkbook and cut a check directly to your favorite charity. Then the whole amount goes to where it's needed.

And you can still pick and choose any race you want.

Crafty art by Lian Amaris.


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