Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nineteen Days To Newport Marathon

And I had my third, and last, 20 miler today in the Fitz marathon program. As seems to be the theme for my long runs lately, it was hotter than Hades today in Corvallis - we almost hit 90 degrees this afternoon. However, after my horrid experience during my last hot long run, I took a two part strategy to try to improve my run today.

First, I made sure I was out the door and running before 7:30 - I actually tried to hit 7:00, but had to get the kids started on their Mother's Day scones that they were making. Yum!

Second, instead of wandering around the entire stinking town and hitting large shadeless swathes, I plotted out an approximately 6-mile loop, using of course, and hit it three times. This loop included the nice shady patches along the river for about half of the loop, which was very welcome toward the end of the three hours out on the roads.

Pay attention to the "Moving Pace" column, since there were a number of stoplights and stops at the water fountain to refill the water bottle. Wore down a little at the end, but still came in around 20 minutes faster than my first two 20 milers in the plan, so...

Yeah, so...

Can I hold pace for 26.2? I'm not sure. It shouldn't be as hot in Newport as it was here today for sure, but that's probably not my only issue.

Am I ready to run a 3:25:00 for a BQ at Newport? I really don't know. But I'm ready to give it a shot.

Nineteen days to go...


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