Monday, May 14, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Tons of great stuff this week - enjoy!

The Story of Alison Delgado - won her first marathon, then nearly killed in a bike/auto accident, then comes back to run again

Another look at Alison Delgado, with very moving video of her at finish of the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincy - her husband was the ER doc on duty when she came into the can't make this stuff up

Adidas ad for their new shoe with Formotion - weird stuff...the heel moves - I don't know if that's a good thing

Men's Olympic Tri team is set - Hunter Kemper makes his fourth straight team...absolutely fricking amazing

And the Women's Olympic Tri team is set as well - some drama in this race

Photos of the Men's Tri race in San Diego to set the team - And then photos of the Women's race

Finally, photos of Lance Armstrong and Andy Potts at the 70.3 Ironman in St. Croix - and Facebook photos of my fav Angela Naeth, in St. Croix

Everything you wanted to know about Kinesio tape - I've wondered if it could help my heel bursitis, but I'm a little afraid it might make it worse somehow

Explaining Ultrarunner Micah True's autopsy results - the press loves to throw out "athlete with enlarged heart!!!", but this article explains it in better detail

For Mother Day, here are some amazing Mom Ultrarunners - when it comes to ultra, women are tougher, and moms are toughest

Will cross-training help your running? - well, that depends...

Here are a bunch of photos from last week's Wildflower race - including shots of both OSU Beavers and UO Ducks on the course

Get ready to do your first tri in six weeks - I'd say if you already know how to swim, you could do one tomorrow

Tri Bike Porn - unfortunately, the only kind I link to here...sorry

Nice article on America's number one hope in the Olympic Women's Marathon - yep, it's Oregon's own Shalane Flanagan

Photo of OSU's Blair Bronson by Aaron Hersh.


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