Monday, May 21, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Good links here - read up and get yourself inspired for your next race!

Runner's World Talks About How Much Money an Average Pro Runner Brings Home - Don't quit your day job just yet

Video Interview with Chris McCormack about How Tough ITU Triathlon Racing Is - I disagree; ITU seems to come down to the fastest runner, just about every time

The New York Times with a great article on the life, and death, of Born to Run Ultrastar Micah True
- Caballo Blanco had his priorities straight

Great Photos of Kara Goucher Preparing for the Olympic Marathon from Her Blog - With her son Colt checking out the Nike track

The Ethiopian Olympic Marathon Team is Announced - Kenya and Ethiopia need to come up with a better plan on how to pick their teams

What Is Your Risk of Dying at Your Next Marathon? - Low...but worse for men than women

Video: Andrew Carlson has the Fargo Half Marathon Wrapped Up...or Does He? - Two camps on this one: 1) Don't celebrate early or 2) Get the Walkers off the Half Marathon finish line!

Can Runners Have Too Many Miles on the Tires? - Which is a different question than, Are you too old to run fast?

Running Starts Heading Down the Swimming "Speedsuit" Road - Let's hope the powers that be nip this kind of thing in the bud

ESPN has a Moving and Somber Investigation into Sammy Wanjiru's Death - But the facts will probably never be known


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