Monday, May 7, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

As usual, lots and lots of good stuff here. Get reading and by next Monday, you'll be setting PR's like nobody's business!

Lance Armstrong takes third at Ironman 70.3 St. Croix - Losing to Andy Potts is not something to be ashamed of

How to be a lifelong runner - hey, I'm halfway there and still running

Runners and what they eat - should you be a vegan...or a pescatarian? Go pescatarians!

Jesse Thomas and tatted-up Heather Jackson win Wildflower - Oregon represent!

A little photo album from Wildflower - And another one

How to race strong through your "go zone" - that zone is usually the third quarter of races...where most runners fall apart

Megan Goethals turns her life, and her running, around - the UW cross country star was "near self-destruction"

Study shows jogging can extend lifespan by six years - yes, jogging, not necessarily full-out running/racing training

Favorite local races of seven triathlon pros - including Linsey Corbin and Oregon homeboy and Wildflower winner, Jesse Thomas

"Float" workouts to build strength for midrace attacks - personally, I'm only attacking my so-called "love of running" midrace

Inspiring article on Liberia's first marathon - trying to put a 14-year old civil war behind them

Do you have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket? - if you don't, you should get out of triathlon now

Off-season workout plans from superstar triathlete Miranda Carfrae - she's pretty damn should probably pay attention

Top three new running shoes for men and women - these seem like pretty random picks, but what do you expect from Yahoo?


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