Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Days 74 and 75 of 123

And just like that, we're into Week 12 of the Hansons plan.


The ol' legs were feeling pretty sore after my steep downhill adventure on Sunday, so the Monday run wasn't that fun. They felt a little better today for the "strength" training.

Let's check it out.

-Monday: 6 miles easy
--We've been back into the 90's again, so I've done the last two days on the treadmill. My quads were very unhappy with me, but I slogged through this one.

-Tuesday: Strength Workout
--.5m warmup
--4 x 1.5m at 7:40 pace (10 seconds under my goal marathon pace)
--3 x .5m at 9:40 pace, recovery between the faster segments
--.5m cooldown

I actually had to readjust slightly when I realized I had only run a mile on my second segment instead of 1.5m. So really, I ended the workout with a .5m recovery, then a .5m at 7:40, then a .5m cooldown to make up for my error.

All in all, it was 8.5 miles of fun.

You can see that the Nike+ pace is taking into account the two times I had to get the treadmill restarted (the Dixon treadmills only work for 35 minutes before they turn off automatically) and the one time I had to run to the bathroom. Yeah, I don't pause the Nike+. Just let it run, that's my motto.

Day off tomorrow. See you back on Thursday.

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