Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 60 and 61 of 123

And just like that, we're in week ten. Week Ten!

Almost over the hump and closer to the end than the start. Amazing.

But not so fast. Let's check out the last two days. It's been hotter than hades here lately - over 90 again today - so I've done the last two days on the treadmill. Because I was on the treadmill, the Nike+ numbers above are totally wonky. But look! Pretty colors... It's supposed to cool down...a little...over the next few days. I have an off day tomorrow and will definitely be on the roads for my tempo day on Thursday, hot or not.

Let's see what the last two days looked like.


-6 miles easy


-1 mile warmup
-3 x 1 mile at 7:15 pace
-3 x .35 mile at 9:50 pace, recovery between the miles
-1 mile cooldown

I don't know what that works out to exactly, but I just kept running during my cooldown until I was at 6.50 miles total.

Well-deserved day off tomorrow.

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