Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Days 81 and 82 of 123

Monday's Workout:
-8 miles easy

I did the first six miles outside. My legs were really tired and it was pretty warm to boot. I went inside Dixon, under a Big Ass Fan, to do the last two miles. The cooler air kept me upright for two more miles...barely. That was not a fun workout.

Tuesday's Workout:
-1 mile warmup
-3 x 2 mile at 7:40 pace
-3 x .5 mile at 9:40 pace, in between as recovery
-.5 mile cooldown

For a total of nine miles. I somehow did this workout on three different treadmills. I did my warmup and first segment on a treadmill by the basketball courts at Dixon. I jumped off, for what was literally less than 10 seconds, to get a drink from the fountain, and some girl jumped on while my back was turned! Well hell.

So I headed to a different treadmill in the main cardio room. I ran about a mile of my second 2 mile repeat and the treadmill was rocking and rolling so bad I could barely keep my balance! They must have had it on an uneven piece of floor or they had the feet at different heights. Whatever.

So I headed to my third treadmill! Got a winner finally and finished up my second repeat and ran the third. I actually had a guy get on the treadmill next to me and start running at a 6:40 pace. Balls. It was sort of inspiring though - felt like we were racing, even though he was running about a minute faster than me. You don't get a lot of really fast people on the treadmills at Dixon, so it's fun when you do.

Tough workout. Ready for my day off tomorrow.

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