Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 77 of 123

Thursdays in the Hansons program are Tempo Days and today is Thursday. Therefore, today must have been a tempo day, yes?


I just had too many bad tempo days, week after week. I couldn't do it anymore. So today, I changed things up a bit. I moved Friday's workout to today.

This is not what the Hansons recommend. I repeat, this is not what the Hansons recommend. The Hansons run speed/strength days on Tuesdays and tempo days on Thursdays, period.

I've been feeling like my legs are still dead on Thursday from the speed/strength workout on Tuesday, so I'm changing it up.

This is not without risk. First, if there is a "two-day" theory going on here with my tired legs, then I'm setting myself up for a tough long run on Sunday by moving my tempo day to Friday. It could be a mistake - I realize that. Second, if I still have bad tempo days over the next couple Fridays, then there's something else going on - maybe I'm just not in good enough shape - and that won't bode well for me mentally.

Still, I feel like I had to do it. I need to get in a few decent tempo days. We're in Week 12 here - it's coming up fast.

So today - the Friday workout which I ran on Thursday - six miles easy.

It was HOT...

But the pace was all right...I faded a bit at the end, but in 95 degree weather, I expected nothing less.

So tomorrow...on Friday...we'll run Thursday's tempo workout. Wish me luck.

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