Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 87 of 123

Yep, it was the long one today. My second attempt at 16 miles, the longest the Hansons ask for in their program. And I've got to say, this one went MUCH better than my try at 16 miles two weeks ago in Ellensburg. It's good to be home.

Pretty steady pace for a 16 miler. Again, pay attention to the "Avg Moving Pace" as that removes the stop lights from the equation. The only outlier is the 9:40 on the 14th mile, and that one had the biggest climb of the day, as you can see here.

I was also helped greatly by leaving at 6:15am, when the sun was just thinking about coming up. As I sit here now, at 3:15pm, and it's 90 degrees outside, I just thank god I ran early. I had mostly shade for the first hour, then just light sun, but still cool temps for the rest of the run. It made a huge difference.

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