Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boston Marathon 2014 to Allow 2013 Runners Back In

Basically, if you were stopped from crossing the finish line by the bombings, then you'll be free to sign back up for Boston 2014 before everyone else.

Here's the word from the BAA.

And here's a short article from ESPN.

I think it's a great move and really the only appropriate way for the BAA to handle it.

That said, they're making this offer to 5633 runners. As someone trying to qualify for Boston 2014, I hope the BAA doesn't lower the number of total qualifying spots by 5633 to make the room. I hope they expand the entire field by 5633 to embrace those runners. As of now, the BAA has not made a decision one way or the other.

I'll keep you updated when I hear more.

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