Friday, May 10, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 2 of 123

Sheesh, May 10th and we've had about two straight weeks of temperatures between 70 and 80. Pretty amazing. I'm not complaining about the sun and heat, but my allergies have been awful. The first two miles of my run today, I could actually feel my throat shrinking up. Yikes. Supposed to have a rainy day on Sunday. I'll take it just to wash away some pollen. Then the sun can come back on Monday.

So another 6 miles easy today. You're going to hear that quite a bit these first couple weeks as the Hanson's ease into the marathon training plan.

Again, I was supposed to keep it 1:00-2:00 minutes slower than my goal race pace, or in other words, about 8:50-9:50. Here are my splits:

So mile two was a little fast, but everything else was right in the ballpark. The second mile of my route today had a few stoplights, so even with the Garmin, I was having a hard time telling exactly how fast I was going (yes, I have the cheap Garmin).

Looks like another six tomorrow. See you then.

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