Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 22 of 123

Hey, it's our second Tempo day of the Hansons Advanced Marathon program!

Pretty simple workout plan today: half-mile warmup, six miles at 7:50 pace, and a half-mile cooldown. Easy, right?


I did cheat a little this week and ran the whole thing on a treadmill. I just set that baby at 7:47 and went to town. I know there are plenty of purists out there that refuse to get on a treadmill, but this is how I see it: the treadmill was made for tempo and speed work. I was having trouble last week trying to keep pace when I hit hills, plus the joy that is stop lights. So, why not treadmill?

Anyway, I was a little stiff to start (and always am the day after an "off" day) but once I got into my rhythm, I felt pretty good and didn't have too much trouble keeping my pace.

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