Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 20 of 123


OK, maybe it isn't all that exciting, but it's a change of pace, for sure.

The Hansons step up the distance on the speed work every week, while keeping the total distance run the same.

The first week had no speed work.

The second week, we did 12 400's, with 400 recovery in between.

The third week, we did 8 600's, with 400 recovery in between.

And this week, week four, we did 6 800's, with 400 recovery in between. For my goal pace, I'm supposed to be running these at 7:00-7:10. I'm doing pretty good with the pace - 7:00 is actually chugging quite along for me, but I keep it in the general area and don't go over 7:20 at any time.

I'm feeling good physically, which is a great boost mentally. A little soreness and tired legs, but nothing serious and I've been able to hit my workouts strong every day so far. Trust the program.

Day off tomorrow. Back at it hard on Thursday with a tempo workout.

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