Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 32 and 33 of 123

Hey, it's Wednesday - the official Hanson's rest day...woot!

So I'll catch up on the reports of the last two days of the schedule.

Monday was pretty basic, although my legs were still shot from the long run on Sunday - 6 miles easy. I ran from Dixon Rec on campus around town but ended back a little early, at about 4.5 miles. So I proceeded to do the remaining 1.5 miles on the strange .35 mile square track at Student Legacy Park.

Then Tuesday was speed work day. Here's the stats:

-1 mile warmup
-4 x .75m at 7:10 pace
-4 x .25m at 9:50 pace, recovery in between
-1 mile cool down

So right at 6.00 miles total. Six very tough miles at that.

Day off today, then more tempo work on Thursday. See you then.

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