Monday, June 17, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Day 38 and 39 of 123

Wow, somehow we're into week seven already. Week 7!!!

So yesterday was the long run Sunday. In the Hansons plan, every other Sunday gets longer and more difficult and every other Sunday is an easier, shorter run. So far, the long Sunday runs have looked like this:

Week 1: 8m
Week 2: 8m
Week 3: 10m
Week 4: 8m
Week 5: 12m
Week 6: 8m

And of course, next week's long run will be 14m. Simple enough, right? Only it's not so simple.

Last week, when I had a long 12 mile Sunday, I had a short 6 mile Saturday.

This week, I had a short 8 mile Sunday, but a 10 mile Saturday!

Please note that both weekends total 18 miles. No wonder my legs have been tired every run lately.

Anyhoo, yesterday was an easy 8 miles. My legs were just toast. My pace was awful. I suffered every single minute. Fun!

And today - the first day of week 7 - I had an easy 6m. And Sweet Fancy Moses, my legs felt good for the first time in days and days. Well, "good" might be stretching it, but they felt better than they had in quite some time.

And the pace looked good for a change. Actually too fast in the second half of the run, but I had a little wind behind me.

So...I don't even know. Either I finally got over the hump or my legs just forgot they were tired.

We'll know for sure tomorrow...speed work day coming up!

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