Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Days 26 and 27 of 123

I'm a little behind on my reports here, but today's a rest day, so we should be caught up now.

First, let me just say my legs are done. I mean, they're dead. My legs are dead.

That 30k trail run on Sunday is not a recommended part of training program, I'm telling you right now.

But what's done is done, so I gutted out the last two days of Hansons workouts (well...almost), gritting my teeth the whole way.


Hansons: 6 miles easy

R's: 5 miles easy


-1.0 mile warmup
-5 x 1k at 7:00 pace
-5 x .25m at 9:50 pace, in between the 1k's
-1.0 mile cooldown

-.5m warmup
-5 x 1k at 7:15 pace
-5 x .25m at 9:50 pace, in between the 1k's
-.5m cooldown

So yes, I cheated a bit, but frankly I was impressed I got as close as I did to the true workouts. I'm happy.

Starting Thursday, we're back on the plan full-time, with no distractions.

Go buy the book:

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