Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hansons Marathon Method - Review in Progress - Days 50, 51 and 52 of 123

Wow, this was supposed to be an "easy" week, as in, no long run on Sunday, but I've really been struggling. First, I've got a bit of a cold and sore throat and just don't feel 100%. Second, it's been hotter than Hades and I've been fading at the end of every run. Finally, the "easy" weeks for Hansons really are not that easy.

OK, I'm done complaining. Let's catch up on the last three days.


-6 miles easy.


-10 miles easy.

Because we were on the road, I did this 10 miles in Lincoln City on the coast.

Probably about 20 degrees cooler on the coast than in the valley, so it wasn't all bad. But Lincoln City had more ups and downs than I remembered.


-10 miles easy.

I tried to get out on the roads sort of early to beat the heat, but it was still very, very hot. My last couple miles were a death march. It's not going to get any better right away - Corvallis is supposed to be in the mid-90's for a good part of the week.

Credit for Fry meme to Redditor scullen19.

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